‘05 - ‘15 Tacoma OEM 16 inch steel wheel set + spare for cheap - $75 (Lexington - Nicholasville - Wilmore)

You’ve finally found that set of beater rims you’ve been looking for for your Toyota 4-wheel drive. They’ll fit a wide range of six-lug Toyota trucks and SUVs. These four rims come together with an OEM spare tire as well. They came with a 2011 Tacoma that I bought used, but the spare tire has a 2013 date code so who knows what the original Tacoma model year was?

They’ve got matt black paint on them and they’re not in perfect shape, but there are no problems with them. That means they’re the right price for rims that are ready for abuse or that you just don’t want to have to baby. If you have winter tires, they’re great for that purpose because you don’t have to worry about road salt messing with nice alloy wheels and they add a bit of weight compared to alloy wheels as well. I mean, road salt will rust steel wheels but you’re getting them for cheap so who cares? You can even add another coat of Rustoleum if you’d like. I’m including a photo of the exact can used so you know which one to buy that will coat well over the existing layer. You can even have the mostly-empty can for reference.

24 healthy, tapered-seat acorn-style lugnuts for steel wheels also included!

Two of the TPMS sensors have dead batteries and I’m sure the other two are right behind them, so don’t count on them being useable.

I can meet up anywhere around Jessamine, Fayette or Woodford counties.

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