in need of dog rescue help urgently

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We took these pups and parents in when a former neighbor of ours who had them was involved in a car wreck that almost killed her. She was the typical bad pet owner, let her dog roam free, had multiple litters she was able to get into rescues with the help of the lady who was trying to help us and told us they would be a short term foster. We were told they would be taken into a rescue within a month or so LAST sept. We weren't equipped to take care of long term fosters as we have 7 dogs of our own who were all strays and the both of us have our physical limitations due to injuries, myself more then my wife. So this has been a huge burden on us when the rescues kept putting us off time and time again, meanwhile they took in dogs and puppies from others who were in the rescue clique' I guess you'd say. Well its gotten to a breaking point for us financially, mentally,put a huge strain on our 29 year marriage and is physically simply more then we can handle. I have reached out to the rescue that was supposed to have taken the pups in just to be blown off time and time again. Seems in our area, if you aren't in the clique' of ladies who do this stuff, you are on your own.

This is a last ditch effort to try and get these pups, who will be a year old later this month btw into a safe rescue situation so they can finally get vet care and a chance to get into a home of their own. I have contacted some of these ladies in our immediate area who get dogs placed almost immediately only to get the cold shoulder and brush off. So I hope a rescue someplace can take them in or get them into long term foster situations with someone better equipped to care for them. If i have the funds i do not have a problem with transporting them to a legitimate safe rescue or foster situation. Does not have to be all at once, can be a pup at a time to different rescues and we actually prefer the daddy (who we also got stuck with back in sept) be the last one to go into rescue so we can work with him on some of the basics. None of them have any health issues that we can tell but as I said, we cannot afford to take them to a vet, in fact our own dogs health are now suffering because of this situation as its drained our savings. There are 3 boys, as well as the father of them all who is about 3 years old. dad is a heeler mix, mom is a border collie/german shepard/plott hound mix, both parents about 40 lbs, very affectionate and well mannered. none of them show any sort of food aggression or other serious red flags. They have only known love and kindness since they have been with us, so none of the fear/abuse behaviors so common in strays. They just need a chance to get in front of potential adopters so they can get their own homes.

PLEASE is there a rescue who can take one or all of these dogs? They'll never get adopted or any kind of medical care staying at our place as we were already in over our heads with our own dogs. I know the likely outcome if they are taken to the animal shelter, which is not good for them. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP US?????

The first pic is of the father, the rest are the pups, they are all male. I also have a pic of the mother if anyone would like to see what she looked like. She was thankfully spayed and returned to the owner who seems to be taking much better care of her now. The pups are about 25 lbs or so i'd say. PLEASE HELP US. I do not want to just give these pups away and want them to go into either a long term foster situation or into a safe rescue. Again any rescues that can help do not have to take all of them, even one at a time is a huge help to us and them. thanks

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