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Most of the posting on here are prohibited. We can clean up this site and keep it clean. This site is for the following:
Supplies for pets such as clothes, cages, fences etc
Services for pets such as grooming, pet sitting etc
Lost or Found Pets
Animals that you can no longer care for and needing re-home. Not sold! (if you are asking a re-homing fee you are selling).

If you have puppies you are a back yard breeder. Face it whether you want to call yourself a back yard breeder . . .you are. Actual licensed legitimate breeders are not selling their animals on craigslist. People who do not have the proper knowledge and say they just wanted a puppy from their loved pet or whatever your excuse that you came up with...all are backyard breeders.

Really there should be very little listings for animals on here as most are for sale and those ads are prohibited and these animals are most likely better off if the person posting the ad took the animals to the shelter as most of our shelters are overcrowded but try to work with rescue groups and foster homes.

So many ads I see these poor animals need to be rescued not sold by the ignorant person posting the ad. If you know what to look for you can see in these pictures so many of these animals are over-breed and have defects from the over- breeding. One reason why so many people are against breeding is because of the health effects on these animals. Some of these animals will only live a few years because of the health defects from breeding.

So many of these pictures show the animal chained up outside in the dirt, mud and snow. This is not a life for the animal and this is ABUSE and then your ad says you want to sell (or re-home which is selling) for several hundred dollars. Really! You are abusing this animal and should be in jail and you trying to make money off the poor innocent animal. Or you see a picture of the animal inside but the interior of the home is so dirty the health department would condemn the home. Or you see what appears to be a basement or barn or storage room and there are rows and rows of cages you can see in the background which lets you know this poor animal and all the others there live its life in a small cage. Would you like to spend all day except potty breaks in a cage?

So many ads are from places outside of Lexington that I have never heard of.

So many ads are people looking for a certain breed. Again these are prohibited as the person is claiming one thing but really they are looking to profit off the animal. They want to flip the animal to re-sell or use the animal for breeding. Or stating they can't afford to pay for the animal. Look I am all for animals you cannot take care of going to a home for free and not profiting off of an animal but if you are saying you need the animal for free because you cannot afford to pay for the animal then you don't need an animal. Animals cost a lot of money to care for properly! If you are lucky and your animal is healthy it still needs twice a year to see the vet. Each time that is going to be at least $100 if your animal is completely healthy. You are going to need purchase food.. depending on the dog that will be another $100 a month. You will need heart worm, flea and tick prevention even if your little one isn't outside much or around other animals. This may be a little as $100 every three months.

Please adopt and not shop and most importantly take the joy of having an animal serious understand you are making a lifelong commitment to the animal. If you are able to do so you will be so rewarded by that bundle of love.
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