Seeking Sacred Farm - $123,456 (Paris)

My name is Melanie. And I am seeking stewardship of land in the Appalachian range. I am hoping that this message falls into the right hands and someone out there “gets it” or can help me make a divine connection. I am looking to spend my life caring for a special piece of property. I prefer to buy from someone who values their lands heritage in a deep way. I want to find dirt that someone else wants to leave protected, and see that through, ten fold. To be the person who holds gratitude for it and protects it. Not strip or develop or disrupt. Perhaps it has a story, a secret, or means something to them that they need someone else to understand. I would be open to a plot with a house, farm, or land without (the connection is the important piece for me). I am seeking beautiful acreage, privacy, forest, caves, artifacts in the creeks, and soil that is fertile and loamy when sifted through rough hands. The connection to the earth and to care for someone else’s place, is what I am after. It will mean more to me, if it means everything, to someone else.
I can go anywhere.
I am filled with gratitude for all that I have in my life and the things that others sometimes miss. I have a semi formal home and tire myself in the gardens around it. I enjoy caring for plants and animals and living connected with the seasons. I am strong bodied, big hearted, and hard working. I have a knack for wanting to do things myself, making places beautiful, and bringing people together. Connecting with good people and being one, is important to me. I am in purpose when I get to protect. I am looking to cherish what someone else has loved before me. If you know of the place I am seeking, here I am. If it’s $$$ I will not be able to make the connection. But, my prayer is out, it’s unique, and I prefer to invest in something more meaningful than a realator might be able to source. I hope we find one another.

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